Australian Print Triennial in Mildura by Sasha Grishin

Sasha Grishin

Below is the intro to the wonderful blog article written by our dear friend Sasha Grishin about the recent APT. Simply click the link below to read the rest of the blog.
It was wonderful to have him, and all the other contributors involved again.

Thank You Sasha.

Australian Print Triennial in Mildura by Sasha Grishin

Mildura, on the banks of the Murray River, appears as an oasis within a flat and bleak landscape.  In the 1960s and 1970s the Mildura Sculpture Triennials became a major focal point for sculptural practice in Australia before being snuffed out by petty rivalries and political intrigues.

More recently, Mildura’s role as a cultural oasis has been resurrected by several significant events, including the establishment of Stefano’s restaurant in 1991, which formed a creative cultural hub that fed into the Mildura Writers’ Festival and the music festivals.

The creation of The Art Vault in 2008 by the passionate lover of printmaking, Julie Chambers, provided a significant centre for printmaking with excellent printmaking facilities and a program of residencies and exhibitions that has included many, if not most, of the significant artist printmakers in Australia over the past decade.

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